Design and Build

SBM Construction Co. has experience in a variety of design and build projects.

Design and Build

Design and Build company in Miami, FL

Design-Build is a method of building in which both the design and construction are contracted and controlled from one source – the Design-Builder. This method allows for more organization since there is only one entity controlling the project. The concept of design-build is well proven and has gained wide acceptance as an efficient and economical way to design and construct a broad range of projects. Under the design-build format, both the design and construction of a project are included in the contractor’s scope of work.

SBM Construction Co. has experience in a variety of design and build projects. Many of our projects are done in-house with our professionals available to work whenever a new project comes in. We can quickly prepare an overview of the requirements made by our customers and prepare a bid for the project. Whether it is a new redesigned kitchen or remodeled bathrooms, we can make it happen.

The professionals working for our firm are made of architects, engineers and construction professionals with vast experience in the construction industry. We take pride in being able to complete simple or complex projects any day, any time.

Usually, as a professional design and build company in Miami, FL the design-build service is broken down into various parts. These parts are usually as follows: Define scope of work, design project/concept drawings, budget/estimate creation, specialty expert selection, construction planning and project completion. We work closely with our clients to determine real world costs by the client and our design-build team assures the project design remains within budget and is completed on time. SBM Construction Co. is here to serve you.