Additions / Home Expansion

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Home Addition Services in Miami, FL

Building home additions is a common request among our customers. Family grows, house feels small, etc... are the usual driving forces to start a home addition construction service. The process of building an addition or extra living space in a home is a task which requires planning and budgeting. The first step in starting an addition construction project is to obtain structural plans or at least conceptual drawings from a licensed architect (we can help you with this) in order to put on paper your ideas and actually have a written layout of what will be necessary to make your vision a reality.

Once this first step is complete, we can accurately quote how much will cost and how long will it take to complete the construction of the addition in your home. These two steps are not the most challenging task for us builders, but are definitely one of the most important steps for the homeowner. Until your ideas are actually on paper, it is difficult for us to pinpoint an accurate cost of construction.

Our company can gladly prepare a quote for the construction of a new addition to your home. Being a home addition construction service company in Miami allow us to understand your needs and prepare a competent estimate for your new home addition. We will work together with you through each phase of your project; from initial conceptual drawing, estimating, permitting processes until initial construction and project completion.

From simple garage conversions to add a more functional space in your home up to an entirely new home extension our addition construction service team will surely work with you. Contact Us and we’ll help you right away.